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ADuM6132 Isolated half bridge Gate Driver IC

download ADuM6132 Datasheet click here

ADuM6132 is Isolated gate driver for MOSFET and IGBT with built in isolated 275mW DC-DC converter for high-side MOSFET gate driving circuit. ADuM6132 is ideal for motor and inverter applications. Important parameters are listed below.

  • Minimum pulse width is 50nS
  • Maximum PWM switching frequency is 1000KHz
  • Internal DC-DC supply output voltage are 15V typical (12.5V~17V)
  • Internal DC-DC supply current is maximum 22mA
  • 5V and 12.5V-17V two supplies are essential. 5V for logic circuit and isolated DC-DC converter input. And 12.5V-17V are required for non-isolated low side driver
  • 16 leads-SOIC package wide body
  • Operating Temperature range is -40°C ~ 85°C
ADuM6132 pin diagram
Functional and pin diagram of ADuM6132
Image coutesy by Analog Devices Inc.
MOSFET/IGBT half bridge gate driver circuit with ADuM6132 IC
ADuM6132 Application circuit
Courtesy by Analog Devices Inc.

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