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AMC1301 Reinforced Isolated Amplifier

AMC1301 is dual Channel isolation amplifier by Texas Instruments.         
Input side and output side supply voltage range is ±3 V~ ±5.5 V . Supply current is 5 mA. However, detail current requirement consult datasheet.

±250-mV Input voltage, 3-µs Delay,
3 dB Bandwidth frequency is 210 kHz.    
Isolation Voltage is 5 kVrms.      
Common Mode Rejection Ratio is 93 dB.               
Input Bias Current is – 60 uA. Input Offset Voltage is 50 uV.           
Operating Temperature Range is – 40 °C to + 125 °C. RoHS Compliant       
SOIC-8, SMD/SMT package.

to download AMC1301 datasheet click here

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