Ways to protect your child from electric shock

Child from toddler age to 10 years old are at high risk of getting electric shock. specially in early ages kids don’t has fear about electric shock. And parents can’t manage to learn there kids about this risk . So when you have children in your house you must follow these electric safety guidelines.

  • All electric power wall outlets should be covered with safety shutter. This shutter open only when you put 3-Pin plug. If you don’t have this type of outlet then cover them with insulation tape.
  • All electric power outlets should be at enough height to avoid reach of kids.
  • All open electric wiring cables should be properly harnessed at appropriate height. Further more pass all permanent cables through under ground or at least cable-duct.
  • Cell or battery operated gadgets and toys are recommended rather then utility electric supply operated.
  • Always put an eye on children when you are using any electric appliance. Keep away children from electric socket extension.
  • Use covered electric heater and should be wall mounted.
  • Use wall mounted fans instead of pedestal fan. There are several children deaths reported, caused by metal pedestal fans.
  • RCCB / RCD /ELCB circuit breaker must be installed in main electric control panel of house. RCCB (Residual Current Circuit Breaker) is new name. RCCB cutt off electricity when it sense current difference between neutral and phase line. Which means there is leakage current to earth via a human body , machine or humidity. RCCB Often sold with 100mA , 30mA or 10mA leakage or fault current. For human safety 10mA is recommended however 30mA also works but more then 30mA RCCB are only for machine safety. For children 10mA is best option.
  • All RCCB and Circuit breakers should be test regularly by qualified person.

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