how to activate proteus 8 professional

To run the student/professional edition of the Proteus Design Suite the software must be activated online. If the software is not activated then it can only be used in demonstration mode, where printing and saving options are disabled

Proteus Pro activation requirements are following

  • An internet connection on the machine/computer that you will be activating Proteus on.
  • Software Licence Key (*.LXK File) which is able to be activated or still has activations remaining.

Procedure to Activate Proteus 8 Professional

The following procedure should be used to activate the Proteus 8 Professional

  1. Make sure that the Proteus Student Edition (Proteus Lite) is installed on the computer you wish to licence it on.
  2. Right click on the Licence Manager from the Start Menu under Labcenter Electronics and select Run As Administrator
Proteus Licence manager
  1. Use the Browse Button on the Licence Manager to find the licence key file – this will have a .LXK extension. When imported this key will appear on the left hand pane of the Licence Manager application.
Proteus Professional Licence installation
  1. Select the key on the right hand side of the application and click the Activate button to activate the software. You will get a message saying ‘Activation Complete’ when this has successfully completed.
Proteus Professional activated

Reference:- Proteus 8.11 by Labcenter Electronics