Proteus 8.11 download

Labcenter Electronics announced release of new Proteus 8.11 version. New version include new devices and features support. Earlier version Proteus 8.9 and 8.10 already support ARM Cortex (M4,M3, M0) , PIC24XXX, LPC21xx, LPC11xx families microprocessor simulation. These versions include VSM for USB, Flowchart programming in Proteus with Visual Designer for (Raspberry Pi, IoT builder and Arduino). Upgrade from Proteus 8.10 to Proteus 8.11 includes following changes.

What’s new in Proteus 8.11?

File Format

File format has been changed in new version however old versions file formats are also supported.

Differential Pairs

Differential Pairs in PCB layout

Support for differential pairs length matching against other differential pairs length in PCB and Schematic layout.

Report Generation

A new report of component placement. This list includes component reference with grid reference of schematic sheet border. This report is useful for circuit troubleshooting in printed form.

Download Proteus 8.11

To download Proteus 8.11 Click Here

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