Proteus 8 Professional free download

What is Proteus?

Proteus is software for Electronic circuit schematic and PCB design with simulation. Proteus is developed by Labcenter Electronics. Initial version (DOS based) released in 1988 with PC-B name. in 1998 Window version was released integrated with SPICE simulation and microcontroller simulation. Proteus Latest version is Proteus 8 professional. Latest revision is Proteus 8.11 Professional released on 13-Nov-2020.

Download Proteus Latest Version

Earlier Revisions of Proteus 8 are

Proteus 8.10

Proteus 8.10 Professional released in Jan-2020. Proteus 8.10 new features are differential pairs matching in PCB and simulation. Second features is different Reports generation for PCB manufacturing, like track length matching, Pins ,holes and drill, layers stacking and fiducial data. 3rd Feature is power plane improvements like Diagonal Cross Hatch Fill and octagonal holes.

Proteus 8.9

Proteus 8.9 Professional released in 2019. Proteus 8.9 new features are component search online. Autocomplete routes in PCB Layout. And PCB Penalization improvements in PCB Size, Board Edges and Number of copies.

Proteus 8.8

Proteus 8.8 Professional released in July 2018. Proteus 8.8 new features are import tool for SamacSys, Ultra-Librarian, SnapEDA and PCB Library Expert. Escape area for a BGA in PCB layout. High Voltage protection area and Pad and trace clearances around a fine pitch SMT devices.

Proteus 8.7

Proteus 8.7 Professional released in September 2017. Proteus 8.7 new features are IoT Builder and VSM Simulation for Arduino Shields. New version also added Visual Designer for Arduino Shields and Raspberry Pi products. In Visual Designer user can program Arduino and Raspberry boards using Proteus flowchart programming instead of regular C++ or Assembly Code.

Proteus 8.6

Proteus 8.6 Professional released in September 2017. Proteus 8.6 new features are advanced support for automatic length matching on the PCB. Schematic component search and edit unique component in once. On VSM side Proteus 8.6 now supports STM32 ARM Cortex-M3 family microcontrollers. Another famous addition is Arduino robot turtle simulation.

Proteus 8.5

Proteus 8.5 Professional released in June 2016. Proteus 8.5 new features is introduction of Visual Designer and Flowchart Programming. Improvements in CADCAM output.

Proteus 8.4

Proteus 8.4 Professional released in December 2015. Proteus 8.4 new features are support for Windows 10. Proteus 8.4 supports Texas Instruments MSP430G2X family of microcontrollers with VSM simulation.