Proteus visual designer for raspberry pi and Arduino

Proteus Visual designer is combination of Proteus VSM and flowchart editor for Raspberry-pi and Arduino. Visual Designer starts with the peripheral gallery which contains schematic circuits according to Raspberry Pi boards and Arduino Shields. Flowchart gallery includes circuits of breakout boards of sensors and peripherals.

Proteus Visual Designer
Proteus Visual Designer Arduino 328 and GPS Module

How to start with Visual Designer?

In Proteus 8.8 and above: start a new project select schematic and PCB sheet size and template. Select project type Flowchart Programming. Select Arduino Shield or Raspberry Pi and respective compiler. Then finish this Create new project wizard. Now you have following windows.

Visual Designer Window

Now you have a separate Visual Designer window flowchart symbols, project explorer which contain usable peripheral blocks. In project menu you can add Peripherals from Adafruit, Arduino, Grove and Sparkfun breakout boards. By adding these boards you can use there functionality in flowchart. In this window you can create, edit, compile and Build flowchart.

Schematic Window

All peripherals and selected Arduino or Raspberry Pi board will add in schematic automatically you can add your own circuits. And you can make hardware connections between selected modules with Arduino/Raspberry-Pi and you custom designed circuit. After compile and built flowchart program you can simulate your hardware. By Visual Designer compiler you can connect and program physical board in Proteus.