1. Teensy 4.1 specifications
  2. Teensy 4.1 pinout
  3. Schematic Teensy 4.1
  4. Programming and Software
  5. MiMXRT1061/MiMXRT1062 processor Datasheet


  • ARM Cortex-M7 MIMXRT1062 processor at 600 MHz with Float point math unit, 64 & 32 bits
  • Emulated 4K EEPROM, 7936K Flash memory , 1024K RAM
  • QSPI memory expansion, locations for 2 extra RAM or Flash chips
  • High Speed USB device and Host
  • 55 digital I/O’s pins
  • 35 PWM output pins, 8 serial, 3 SPI, 3 I2C ports
  • 18 analog input pins 12-bits ADC however usable resolution is 10-bits due to noise tolerance. input range is 3.3V. Maximum 1MS/s Sampling rate.
  • 2 I2S/TDM and 1 S/PDIF digital audio port
  • 3 CAN Bus with one CAN FD
  • 1x 4-bit SDIO native SD Card port
  • Ethernet 10/100 Mbit with DP83825 PHY
  • 32 general purpose DMA channels
  • Cryptographic Acceleration & Random Number Generator
  • RTC for date and time External 3V cell is required
  • Power On/Off management

Teensy 4.1 Pin configuration

teensy 4.1 pin configuration
Teensy 4.1 Pinout

Teensy 4.1 Schematic

Teensy 4.1 Schematic digram
Teensy 4.1 Schematic Diagram

Development Software

  • Teensyduino:- Teensyduino is add-on for Arduino IDE you can download it here Arduino’s IDE software with the Teensyduino add-on i
  • Visual Micro:- Visual Micro allows use of Microsoft Visual Studio to program Arduino compatible boards including Teensy.
  • PlatformIO:- PlatformIO IDE is a cross platform development environment with many advanced features. Windows, Linux and Macintosh are supported.

MIMXRT1062 AND MIMXRT1061 datasheet

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