How to do with anxiety

To get worry or confuse about important events in life or feature is normal. Anxiety is an automatic response of body to feeling under pressure, facing a challenging situation or feeling of fear or danger. Body response that is triggered when you under pressure, feel threatened or are facing a challenging situation this is normal. […]

Symptoms of depression

Common Depression Symptoms are these. These symptoms are common in all types of depression. Change of appetite Loss or excess of appetite is common in depressive disorder. If body weight changes more then at rate of 5% per month. Then this may caused by depression. Loss of energy and body pain Feeling body pain, headache, […]

how to get rid of depression

Depression or depressive disorder is persistent mood with feeling of sadness and anger. Person with depressive disorder can not enjoy daily life events and activities. Depression also disturbs person’s sleep, eating and social behaviour. Causes of depression include death of loved one, personal and family conflicts, personal loss, professional loss, severe illness or deadly deadly […]