How to check Diamond, real or fake

How to check Diamond, real or fake

Why Diamond is precious? is a question in every mind. Real or original diamonds have unique properties. Read more about Real or natural diamond. Any other material or stone on earth can’t exhibit diamond physical properties. These properties make diamond precious. When people buy diamonds, they always suspicious about their originality. Although gem sellers mostly offer assay certificate with them.

Here are diamond checking methods

By Diamond Hardness

Natural Diamond is hardest material on earth. Normally diamond does not affect by rubbing on sandpaper. If your gem under test has any scratch after rubbing on sand paper then it’s not real diamond. If gem not affected and have no scratch on its facet then it is possibly real diamond.

Hard Scrap diamond on glass. Real diamond always leave scratch without getting damaged it’s original shape.


Under UV Light most diamonds glow with blue light, this effect called fluorescence. In dark, place diamond under UV lamp or UV LED currency tester torch. Real diamond will glow. Some diamonds do not glow under UV light and intensity of glowing may vary diamond to diamond. If your diamond does not glow it does not mean that your diamond is fake. Try another test.

Luster Adamantine

After cutting of diamond, its facets give an adamantine shine. Diamond reflect special fire like luster looks like newly polished. Unprocessed diamond does not exhibit much luster.

Under magnifying lens real diamond cut faces look very smooth and there should no scratch or roughness. Luster of diamond never loose smoothness under magnification. Surface and reflected colored lights both should smooth and flat of each diamond facet.

Fog Test

Diamond have a special property of very high thermal conductance as compare to silver and copper and glass. So that if you place diamond in front of your mouth and fog it as like we fog eye glasses. If fog disappear rapidly then diamond is real. And if fog sustain on gem for few seconds then this is absolutely fake. We recommend proceed this test in cool place. In summer fog disappear rapidly on glass also or even does not fog. So that cool place is necessary.

In our breath contains water vapors and heat. Diamond absorb and disperse heat quickly that’s why fog disappear quickly.

Read Through the Diamond

Diamonds have high refractive index from other transparent mediums. If you place diamond on a paper with tiny writing or printing, see little words on paper through diamond you will notice no blurred image or no deformation of little words. Then diamond is real. If image deformed or blurred then diamond is fake. But unfortunately, opaque diamond cannot be test by this method. View from different angles to confirm no change in letters image. If fake diamond you will notice deformation of letters by changing viewing angle.

See dot through the diamond

Repeat Above mentioned test on a dot instead of letters or words. If you notice dot reflections on faces of diamond. Then diamond is fake. If no dot on faces diamond is real. Due to high refractive index diamond does not reflect dot.

Heat Stability Test

Diamonds are very stable at high temperature. If diamond heated on flam and then quickly cooled by water then real diamond stay stable but if shattered then diamond is fake. Because this may be glass.

Electric Conductance

Pure and real diamonds are electrically insulator. However rare diamond with boron impurities may not be complete electrically insulator. But unfortunately, other diamond like materials are also electrical insulators.